What you need to know about Cymatic Empire Part 1

PArt 1 - not just music

On the surface Cymatic Empire seems like any other psytrance music project who are just very particular about their branding. This couldn't be further from the truth. Over the coming weeks we will share everything you need to know about the project.

Research & Development

Cymatic Empire is an UP Records research and development project lead by Joel de Ross and specializes in the commercial application of immersive technology within arts, music and events industry. His research spans 6 years and began with using Virtual Reality simulation to improve festival planning through his startup Metavents.

This expanded to how Virtual/Augmented Reality and gamification could enhance music production, distribution and consumption by creating new revenue streams. The outcome of this research was that music projects that emphasized engaging stories that could be gamified would have the most to gain from the technology.

This has significant implications for visual artists and game designers who would now be considered as important to a band as a singer or drummer. To test this and other assumptions in the marketplace he formed Cymatic Empire with colleagues Zac Wood and guitarist, Warren O'Neill.

From mid 2019, most of UP Records releases will come as interactive Virtual Reality experiences. The success of experiences like Microdose VR (above) and Beat Saber (below) indicate a paradigm shift as significant to the introduction of music videos is closer than expected.

In Part 2 we will unpack the way in which the project also creates positive social impact.

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